Memorial Jewellery UK craft hand made glass charm beads set with sterling silver  into which the cremation urn ash remains of a loved one are permanently sealed with clear glass. A small business with low overheads and fast turnaround. 
These are the best priced 925 sterling silver items in the UK.
These are personally made - no work is sent elsewhere.
Also available are a range of small funeral urn memorial jewellery pendants to clear.

All items can be purchased via the 'Shop' link. The server is SSL2 secure. 

PayPal is the only payment method accepted.

The small workshop is not open to public visitors to respect the personal nature of the products being made and for insurance compliance. The annealing process in the kiln is several hours so no finished  products would be able to be taken away the same day. Postage is already included in the low prices.
Thank you for your understanding.

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